I received an enquiry regarding a set of Brick Steps at a property in Ascot that had fallen victim to the elements and had become ingrained in years of ingrained dirt, algae, and lichen. As the entrance to the property the brick steps were making it look uninviting and dishevelled. My client emailed over a couple of photographs, and I was confident that with our variety of cleaning products we could vastly improve the appearance.

I visited the site in to take a closer look and conducted a test clean to demonstrate what could be achieved. I discussed the process with the client and provided a quote for the work. Happy with the results of the test clean and the quote a date was booked into the diary for my return.

Brick Steps Before Renovation Ascot

Deep Cleaning a Brick Stepped Entrance in Ascott

To start I removed any moss and loose soil with an industrial scraping tool and a wire brush, this would allow the cleaning product, Tile Doctor Brick and Patio Cleaner to have full contact with the brick and mortar. This product is a very strong fast acting cleaner designed to remove black spot, algae and lichens from external concrete paving and brick driveways.

I applied the product neat using a pump-up sprayer and allowed the product to dwell for thirty minutes, scrubbing every so often and keeping the surface damp to ensure the brick and patio cleaner didn’t dry out. With this product the longer you leave it the better the result. In this case I let the bricks and mortar soak for about an hour before scrubbing it in further and then rinsing off with water. Some areas were more stubborn than others and needed more work by once I was happy with the results, I gave the steps a thorough rinsing with plenty of water.

Brick Steps Before Renovation Ascot

The results were so noticeable that the client’s friend and neighbour “not wanting to be outdone” also wanted their smaller steps deep cleaned. Thankfully I had the time needed so I was more than happy to oblige.

Brick Steps Before Renovation Ascot Brick Steps Before Renovation Ascot

Sealing a Brick Stepped Entrance

I discussed the benefits of having the steps sealed, however my client was happy with how they looked and opted to have me back each spring to keep on top of things. There are several products we have available for sealing outdoor bricks and patios, Tile Doctor Colour Grow, Ultra Seal and X-Tra Seal, all of these will provide protection to the area by preventing dirt from becoming ingrained into the brick.


Source: Brick Steps Cleaning and Renovation Service in Ascot Berkshire