While most of our work involves the restoration of interior tiles, our equipment is also suitable for exterior stonework, including driveways and patios. Here’s a quick example of a brick driveway I restored recently in the old parish of Pertenhall, famous for its old Norman-age church, near Bedford.

The driveway hadn’t been cleaned in a long time and had a serious problem with overgrown weeds and dirt. Needless to say, the property owner was keen to give it a new lease of life and this is something I would highly recommend if you’re looking to sell your property as improving curb appeal will ensure you make a good first impression.

Driveway before cleaning Pertenhall

Cleaning and Sealing a Brick Tiled Driveway

The restoration would take three visits to the property. On the first visit I tackled the weeds head on by applying a strong weed killer which needed to work its magic over a period of two weeks. When I returned to the property the second time the weeds had died away and the driveway was ready to be pressure washed with my industrial, petrol-powered pressure washer.

I returned to the property for a third and final time a few days later on a sunny day to find that the driveway had completely dried out. To finish the restoration, I applied some fresh kiln-dried sand to the gaps between the bricks and applied Tile Doctor Seal & Go Extra, a sealer which is approved for outside use.

Driveway after cleaning Pertenhall
The customer was not only happy with the refreshed appearance of the driveway, but also reassured that the weeds would be kept at bay for quite some time. This is because the kiln dried sand and sealant prevents seeds falling between the brick blocks and taking root.

Before leaving I advised the owner to brush and hosed down the driveway monthly as this will ensure its appearance is maintained for much longer.


Source: Brick Driveway Reconditioned in Bedforshire